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Plugin's wiki webpage:

Thanks everyone for the 300+ purchases! Im very happy to see my plugin growing and to know that it helps lots of servers! It has been more than 3 years now and I couldnt be happier to see how big this project had become. Special thanks for all the ones who have seen Staff Facilities grow in its first year and who trusted me!

Have you ever wondered to have a plugin which can make your life and your staff lifes easier? Well, you are in the correct place!
StaffFacilities, is a plugin which objectives are:
  • Make your staff life's easier!
  • Be as configurable as it can!
  • Be easy to use!
  • Be essential on your server!
This objectives are what me as a developer, want you to enjoy with my plugin!

Why Staff Facilities and not other free staff plugin?
Well, when I started Staff Facilities, there were not many staff plugins, and the ones that were on spigot, had bugs and didnt have many good features. Staff Facilities has quality code with a lot of features to enjoy, giving you an all in one experience (also, it is possible to disable commands or systems in the config.yml if you dont want them). The plugin never stops updating and growing, it is also highly configurable and it is well tested to provide the less amount of bugs possible. I also, listen to the buyers and try to add as many features as they ask.
The main difference between SF and any other free staff plugin, is the way it works. I have tested myself some free staff plugins, and what I have experienced were a lot of console errors, so when I started this plugin, I wanted to make something special for server owners, something where whatever thing you do will work, and something that will give a staff user, all the features he or she needs to do their work.

I will later add some explanations about the most important features of Staff Facilities, explaining what they are, how they work, and the way you could use them!

[Image: e6a11f3668dd4dd9c411700fca9d5446d2932fc4...6SOddM.png]
  • Support checked with 1.8.*, 1.9.*, 1.10.*, 1.11.*, 1.12.*, 1.13.* and 1.14.* (Plugin is always tested with latest version of spigot)
  • The plugin accepts either spigot or craftbukkit.
  • Built for Java 8
  • No dependence with other plugins! You dont need to download a specified plugin to run Staff Facilities!
  • Over 85 commands you can find in the Commands List (not counting subcommands).
  • Over 240 permissions you can check in the Permissions List.
  • Not a plugin like 60% of free ones that everytime you try to run a command you have a console error!
  • BungeeCord support! Explained bellow in "Some Features Explanations". [BETA]
  • PlaceholderAPI Compatible!
  • Own plugin API for you to use!

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